Planning and Regional Development Department
Work division: to organize and draw up the municipal national economic and social development strategy, medium- and long-term program, productivity distribution and urbanization development programs; to be responsible for comprehensive management work of various kinds of programs as the connection and balance of setting up and auditing, evaluation and adjustment; to connect and balance the relationships between special programs and regional programs such as the program for the development of industries, general programs for land use, the overall program for the city, the division of marine functional zoning, the environmental function zoning program of the offshore marine areas, the environmental function zoning program; to be responsible for the connection between medium- and long-term programs and annual plans; to be responsible for the comprehensive management of the municipal regional development; to be responsible for the comprehensive management of annual investigations, such as project plan, capital arrangement, completion supervision, funds expenditure; to be responsible for the researches on the development strategy and policy of urbanization, and to put forward suggestions for major functional blocks development; to undertake the daily work of the coordination leadership team office on promoting the urbanization.
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