Fixed Assets Investment (Preparatory Office of the Municipal Major Projects)

Work division: to organize and draw up the medium- and long-term programs, annual plan, the overall investment volume, investment orientation, macro-control policy measures for the municipal fixed assets investment; to be responsible for analysis and monitoring on investment operation; to be responsible for the comprehensive management and evaluation of government investment projects; to draw up policies and measures on reform of investment and financing systems, as well as on the non-governmental investment; to summarize and formulate the plan for the municipal finance construction fund; to formulate the plan for the construction land together with other departments concerned; to put forward the examination suggestions on construction projects involving office buildings of Party and government organizations and government information systems, and to be responsible for approval, supervision and administration; to be responsible for the management of engineering cost, consulting and assessment industry; to be responsible for the counterpart aid to Kuqa County of Xinjiang; to comprehensively manage the preparatory work of the municipal key projects; to organize and formulate plans and programs of preparatory work of the municipal key projects, and to establish project repository; to summarize and analyze the progress of preparatory work for the project, and to put forward countermeasure and advices; to be responsible for the balance, coordination and implementation of external complementary conditions of the project. 

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