Opening-Up Department (Finance and Banking Department)
Work division: to be responsible for study on the crucial issues of opening-up; to draw up the development strategies of the municipal utilization of foreign capital and overseas investment, as well as the objectives and policies of programming and optimizing structure; to put forward the examination suggestions on foreign loans, foreign business investment, overseas investment, confirmation of domestic-funded or foreign-funded projects concerning duty-free imported equipments, and to be responsible for approval, supervision and administration; to be responsible for the overall volume control, structural optimization and monitoring of full- caliber foreign debt; to be responsible for the planned administration of the import and export of the municipal grain, cotton and other major agricultural products; to study and analyze situations of capital balance and financial operation, and make policies and suggestions; to study and put forward preliminary examination suggestions on initial public offering by companies to raise funds for investment projects; to put forward auditing suggestions on the issue of enterprise bonds, and to be responsible for the declaration, coordination, supervision and administration of projects; to be responsible for the record of companies for venture investment, to manage and guide the daily administration of funds. 
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