Energy Bureau of Ningbo

Work division: to study and propose energy development strategies and advices on major policies, to make energy development programs and annual plans, and to organize and execute those programs and plans; to be responsible for advancing the study, coordination and reform of energy systems concerning major issues of the energy development; to formulate excluded planning, policies and measures on the development and utilization of electricity, natural gas, refined oil, coal, cogeneration of heat and electricity, new energy and the renewable energy; to be responsible for the predicting, warning, monitoring and analyzing of the energy, to link up energy production with the balance of energy supply and demand; to participate in drafting the adjustment, emergency protection of the energy use, and policies on saving energy; to organize the draft of energy reservation plans and policies, and to implement and supervise the implementation of those plans and policies, to participate in the supervision and management of oil reservations; to be responsible for the planning, building and supervising of the coal market; to guide and coordinate the energy development in rural areas; to organize, implement and coordinate the planning of developing the city’s oil and gas pipelines, and to supervise and execute in accordance with the law; to give advices on examining and verifying projects of the energy, new energy, renewable energy, natural gas, storage facilities and the pipelines network, and to be responsible for making approvals to those reported projects and the work of supervision and management; to undertake government’s work of energy cooperation and its management; to guide the management of the city’s energy industry in a comprehensive way.

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