Office of Aiding to Xinjiang

Work division: Office of Aiding to Xinjiang is a permanent office under the Development and Reform Committee to undertake daily affairs within the Leading Group of the Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, whose main duties are: (ⅰ) to carry out decisions made by the Leading Group, and to be responsible for the linkage work of the Kuqa County and to coordinate affairs on aiding to Xinjiang. (ⅱ) to take a lead in organizing the overall planning and to direct other excluding plans and compilation work.(ⅲ)to be responsible for the coordination work with the municipal departments and all governments of the county( city) and district in aiding affairs.(ⅳ)to link up and ensure that the funds are in place.(ⅴ)to put forward plans and advices on annual implementation to the projects and the arrangement of the funds.(ⅵ)to issue annual tasks of implementing plans on aiding Xinjiang.(ⅶ)to follow up the progress of the aid work and to report statistics and information of the work.(ⅷ)to coordinate and contact with the municipal headquarter of aiding Xinjiang affairs.(ⅸ)to guide the work of Aiding Xinjiang Office of all governments of the county(city) and district (ⅹ) to complete other work designated by the leaders.

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